Welcome to Shiv-Shakti Exportza

Shiv Shakti is a prominent exporter company specializing in high-quality tiles. Their expertise in tile exports makes them a sought-after choice in the industry.

Shiv Shakti is a dynamic import export company that specializes in tiles while also venturing into the renewable energy sector with a focus on solar cells. Their commitment to both industries reflects their dedication to sustainable solutions and diversified business endeavors.

Solar Services

Shiv Shakti offers comprehensive solar cell services, providing sustainable energy solutions tailored to your needs.

Ceramic Services

Offering premium ceramic tile services with a wide range of designs and installation solutions for your interior and exterior spaces.

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Exciting things are on the horizon, stay tuned for what's coming soon!

Solar Products

Shiv Shakti is a leading solar cell Import company, specializing in the global distribution of high-quality solar panels and renewable energy solutions. Their commitment to sustainable energy promotes a greener future worldwide.

Ceramic Products

Shiv Shakti is a reputable tiles export company known for delivering high-quality tiles to international markets. Their products encompass a wide variety of styles and materials to cater to diverse customer preferences.