About Us

"Shiv Shakti Exportza exports top-quality tiles and imports solar cells."

Shiv Shakti Exportza has established a remarkable position in the tiles industry by always leading and integrating the best approaches in technology, communication, and management. The company believes in partnerships with artists, technicians, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking individuals and companies from diverse backgrounds. To further expand its reach, Shiv Shakti Exportza aims to cater to customers overseas in competitive markets such as China, the USA, and Europe. With state-of-the-art facilities and modernized equipment, Shiv Shakti Exportza is equipped to handle export packaging efficiently. The company is committed to understanding the import rules and regulations of each country to ensure smooth operations and timely deliveries. By staying ahead of the curve and continuously learning, Shiv Shakti Exportza is ready to spread its wings and thrive in international markets, offering its exceptional products and services to customers worldwide.